Make the port your workplace


Family, free time & career

Our job offers place a high priority on bringing together your family, private and professional lives, ensuring for a comfortable working climate. You profit from flexible working hours and home office options. Kindergarten, school holidays care, parent‒children rooms and child emergency care are all on offer to make your working life easier. Sabbaticals and elderly care are also a matter of course at HPA. And for your free time, the company owns 12 kilometres of beach.

Focus on health

We care for your well-being by providing various perks, such as ergonomic workstations and healthy canteen meals. You can take active breaks, with autogenous training and massages. Various company sports clubs have climbing, bicycling, wakeboarding and dragon boating on offer. In-house seminars, courses and coachings centre round healthy nutrition, exercise and relaxation. What’s more, we offer health days, tailored consultation and discounts with gyms.

Attractive Location

HPA awaits you with an attractive location in the Port of Hamburg and in the historical Speicherstadt. Thanks to an excellent connection to the public transport system, we are easy for everyone to reach. To make your trip to your new workplace particularly low in price, we also offer an allowance for an HVV-ProfiTicket. Now all you have to do is set the right course in our direction.


Dock in Germany’s largest seaport and enjoy lots of opportunities on board. HPA supports your career with a comprehensive range of further training offers, such as specialist-based and cross-specialist coachings or mentoring programmes. Once you have been onboarded, we provide frequent networking events and bring out your individual potential with the use of analyses and feedback. We also support future generations with apprenticeships, dual studies, or internships.

Fair remuneration

We honour your work with fair remuneration and numerous social-based perks according to the AVH tariff contract. At HPA, you enjoy 30 days of holidays, an annual performance-based bonus and special bonuses, along with a pension scheme. What’s more, we offer deferred compensation, asset-generating services for fund-based saving or home building saving, as well as an allowance for the HVV-ProfiTicket for public transport.

Open-minded corporate culture

Big-scale projects in our company require cross-divisional thinking and collaboration with many different colleagues. This can be seen in our daily work with one another. We approach each other openly and treat colleagues with respect. A collegial way of working is not just a saying, it is lived up in our corporate culture at all times. We support this, for instance, with our networking lunch in which employees from very different areas randomly come together.

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