Make the port your workplace


My job is simply great

As head of the division, I work together with three departments. We develop port-specific IT solutions and always have new ideas. I have to ensure the logistics chain functions glitch-free with the Port of Hamburg’s systems. Which means I am in direct contact with customers. What’s more, I work in the area of strategy and innovation – making the port fit for the future in the long run.. 

What continues to drive me today is the introduction of our Inventory Library Systems, with which we made our IT at the start of the 2000s more professional. We had to set up a service desk, amongst others, and integrate customer and requirements management. What’s great is that our solution still works today. I’ve simply had exciting tasks in a unique environment, which I wouldn’t like to do without.

What identification means to us

The “gateway to the world” is not just a saying to us. It’s what our heart beats for. Which is why it’s a matter of course that we offer the city and its people attractive workplaces. The port is our home. And we keep it running. We are Hamburg’s meeting point of specialist talent. And we’re proud of this.

For your job, this means:

  • Your workplace is the most beautiful in the world.
  • The heart of the city beats here, in a port full of technology and togetherness.
  • We work with a sense and purpose.
  • Each single job has a special meaning.
  • You don’t just do anything there, but something special – for the city, the port and yourself.

Additional opportunities at HPA


A total of 1,800 jobs across 7,000 hectares of port space offer the right working field for everyone.



We bring together tradition with change to find long-lasting solutions.


Pioneering spirit

With innovative minds, we are rethinking the port and setting the tone in technology.



Where each individual can let their strengths unfold is where everyone goes further together.



HPA stands behind its employees and ensures they have a secure workplace.


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