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My job is different every day

After I completed my thesis at HPA, I worked my way up as a civil engineer to become the head of the department, responsible today for railway superstructure projects – from their planning to their execution. I continually switch between the office and the construction site and head the project management. I have lots of different interfaces and am always connecting with other people. This is what makes my job so exciting. I like that everyone just lends a hand here.

All the railway construction sites which are not major projects run through me. An absolute highlight was the construction of the new locomotive service centre. A sophisticated 25-million-euro project that was a lot of fun for me. I like to take responsibility and here is where you have the chance to do so, along with the necessary support for taking over a leadership role

What variety means to us

Paths are created by treading them. We continually find new opportunities for mastering our tasks professionally and with a lot of room for new ideas. Our working environment is just as diverse as we are. Experience an impressive employer – with 1,800 different jobs on around 7,000 hectares of port space. The range of our tasks – from nautical to technical careers – offers a wide spectrum of work and thus lots of variety.

For your job, this means:

  • We take matters into our own hands. On the roads, on the rails and on the water.
  • Everything changes. Constantly.
  • You navigate through unique diversity. Successfully.

Additional opportunities at HPA

We bring together tradition with change to find long-lasting solutions


Pionieering Spirit

With innovative minds, we are rethinking the port and setting the tone in technology.



Where each individual can let their strengths unfold is where everyone goes further together.



The Port of Hamburg is a home, an engine of the city and an attractive workplace.



HPA stands behind its employees and ensures they have a secure workplace.


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