Port navigation in the Port of Hamburg

Launches, ferries and supply ships: Just like the inner-city traffic the traffic in the port can get pretty hectic. To guarantee everything like the passenger tranportation and its rules operates smoothly, we look after the relevant authorizations and the necessary port watercraft master's certificate.

Special regulations and filing periods can be found here.

Port of Hamburg GTC as of 01.01.2024 issued 05.10.2023
Port of Hamburg STC Inland Shipping as of 01.01.2024 issued 05.10.2023
Port of Hamburg Pricelist Inland Shipping as of 01.01.2024 issued 05.10.2023

Please submit to the Port Due Office a port usage declaration (tariff choice) online via the ELBA portal. Usage which goes beyond the scope of usage in the tariff chosen is to be applied for separately. For ships which undertake to use the port yet solely remain inside the port area, the choice of tariff is sufficient. Should these ships pass the port borders (Tinsdal/Oortkaten), the arrivel/departure into or out of the port area must also be announced via the ELBA portal. Do you have any queries regarding the standard terms and conditions for the port or regarding the ELBA portal? If so, please contact the fee department for inland waterway and port transhipment portdues@hpa.hamburg.de

To be able to provide a water-borne 'taxi service' within the port, alongside a valid Port of Hamburg licence, the corresponding permit, similar to a land-based taxi licence, is required.

Remunerated conveyance of passengers (German)

Passenger ships, tugs and pusher tugs, motor freight vessels, barges, floating equipment and miscellaneous vessels may, upon application be authorised as a port vessel, insofar as they are operated solely in the Port of Hamburg. For this purpose, appropriate ships papers are prepared, the so-called port vessel certificate. The conditions to be observed are regulated in the port vessel ordinance. 

The conditions to be observed are regulated in the ordinance on remunerated conveyance of passengers. The duties are comparable with those of a motor vehicle testing centre.

Port vessel regulations (German)

Remunerated conveyance of passengers (German)


So that the above-mentioned vessels can be responsibly operated, the necessary certificate of competence, the port watercraft master's certificate, is issued. The conditions to be observed are regulated in the port patent ordinance.

Port patent ordinance (German)

Your contact for berths

The prevailing Hafenamt (port authority) provides information about all berths:

Hafenamt West
Tel: 040 42847-2578

Hafenamt Ost
Tel: 040 42847-2581

Hafenamt Süd
Tel: 040 42847-1390

Hafenmant West

Hafenamt Ost

Hafenmant Süd

Questions concerning port patents

Contact for information about port patents:

Mr. Kühlke
Tel: 040 42847-2586

Mr. Kühlke

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