The Hamburg Port Railway is the link between the cargo terminals  and the European rail network. Whether the goods are transported from the port to the four corners of the world or vice versa, the Port Railway provides the necessary infrastructure for every rail transport company that wants to access the Port of Hamburg.

Instantaneous transfers

The tremendous volume of cargo at the port calls for genuine organisational talent. One such tool is a modern IT-based operating system that ensures the entire railway operation is precisely timed. The Port Railway runs like clockwork day and night so that all the containers reach their destination reliably and without delay.

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Port railway infrastructure

The infrastructure of the port railway is made up of eight stations and four groups of tracks. The tracks are divided into four categories, based on the fees to be paid. Additionally, the Hamburg port railway has locomotive siding areas, loading tracks and brake testing facilities, as well as the possibility to fuel and a railcar workshop. In some areas, the tracks are electric. You can find overview maps and not-to-scale track plans to describe the infrastructure in the Download Center under the Railway category “Maps and Plans”. 

To use the infrastructure and the infrastructure facilities, the rail transport company must close an infrastructure use contract with HPA under the conditions found in our terms and conditions of use. The terms and conditions of use can be found in the Download Center under the Railway category “Terms of use”, as well as the infrastructure use contract under the Railway category “Contracts of use”. 

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Our loading tracks

Loading tracks for rapid trans shipment

The loading tracks in the Port of Hamburg are public loading locations for cargo handling between rails and street. They're at hand for all railway undertakings that concluded a valid infrastructure license agreement with the HPA. The use requires a request at the Port Railway service centre. There are further details which settle the HPA-NBS BT and the valid list of fees and charges. 

Port Railway HPA

Loading track Rossweg (ROS 775)

The loading track Rossweg in the area mittlerer Freihafen has got a large storage area and is about 400 m long. It is suitable for the trans shipment of bulk cargo like building material. Operating instructions for the loading track are included in the order of the railway manager no. 006/2016.

Data sheet Rossweg

Requests / reservations:
Port Railway service centre tel.: +49 40 42847-1888

e-mail: B-Ser­vice­Desk@hpa.ham­burg.de

HPA Dradenau

Loading track Antwerpenstraße (WHO 066)

The loading track is located on the Antwerpenstraße at the railway station Dradenau and is suitable for the trans shipment of heavy-lift and project cargo.

Data sheet Antwerpenstraße

Requests / reservations:
Port Railway service centre Tel.: +49 40 42847-1888

e-mail: B-ServiceDesk@hpa.hamburg.de

Important information for you

Upon request the loading tracks can also be used for freight wagon maintenance as long as there's no loading scheduled at the same time. 

Please give the following details with every request:

- desired period of use (day, time)
- used wagons (including wagon number)
- type of loading/ planned activity

Here you can reserve your loading tracks

Port Railway service centre

The Port Railway service centre accepts appointments for the usage of the loading tracks under the number:

Tel.: +49(0)40/42847-1888

e-mail: B-ServiceDesk@hpa.hamburg.de

Services for rail spurs

Rail spurs – Our railway engineering service for you

Do you need your own track systems at the port of Hamburg?
Or is your existing rail siding in need of a makeover?

We are the specialists in assisting you with the implementation of your projects and
we put our in-depth and extensive experience at your disposal. We will get your infrastructure up and running and keep it in shape.

Building new as well as operating and maintaining railways and level crossings in private sidings at the port of Hamburg requires a high degree of experience and specialised knowledge. We are happy to put our many years of know-how at your disposal.

Our range of services covers everything from operating and maintaining your entire rail infrastructure within your rail spur to special services such as maintaining level crossings and crossing safety systems. We are also happy to help you plan and promote your own railways.

HPA Port Railway Workshop

Our services in detail

Structural engineering
• Tailor-made maintenance packages for each rail infrastructure
• Advice on the construction of new rail spurs (construction technology and support)
• Advice on the assessment of existing rail infrastructure
• Construction, repair and inspection of your superstructure

Energy, control and safety engineering
• Plan and install new level crossings
• Test and maintain existing level crossings
• Test and maintain all existing signal technology and electrical locally set switches (EOW)

Rail spurs

Rail spurs are interfaces between the Hamburg port railway and the terminals and businesses at the port of Hamburg. They ensure the rail transport chain between senders at the heart of Europe and the docks is continuous. The actual interface is usually the connecting switch that forms the link between the port railway and the rail spur.

A proprietary rail spur provides the following advantages:

• Connection to the national and international rail network
• Secure and reliable transport planning
• Organisation of very large cargo volumes
• Contribution to the preservation of the environment by reducing air and noise pollution

Legal regulations

Operators of infrastructure connections must comply with the following statutory provisions:

German General Railway Act (AEG)
Each railway must allow adjacent railways to connect to their own railway infrastructure under favourable conditions, also in terms of cost (section 13 of the AEG).

Germany’s Federal States’ laws
Infrastructure connections are subject to the legislation and supervision of the German Federal State in which the infrastructure is located. The laws of each German Federal State regulate the legal relationships of rail spurs. This includes in particular the necessary approval procedures for the construction and operation of a railway and the prerequisites for the construction and operation of a rail spur. The supervisory authority for the Hamburg port railway and the rail spurs in the port of Hamburg is LEA.

Regulation on the construction and operation of rail spurs (BOA)
The regulations adopted by the State of Hamburg are intended to ensure the secure and regulated handling of rail transport. They contain the basic railway regulations for the construction and operation of a rail spur, including:

• Technical parameters
• Requirements for the rail cars used
• Requirements for rail staff

Construction projects of the Hamburg Port Authority

With extensive maintenance measures and innovative construction projects, we ensure that the port can continue to cope with rising freight requirements.
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