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We are responsible for the maintenance and expansion of around 130 km of road network and 81 road bridges in the Port of Hamburg. Up to 33,000 vehicles are measured on the main port route every day, a good third of them trucks. Shutting down traffic to build on the road network? That is out of the question for us. Here, planning is just as important as implementation at times when traffic is as light as possible. In the port, every traffic jam costs money - and nerves for all other road users.

With our IT-supported traffic management, we help to make better use of the existing traffic infrastructure. For example, through the DIVA system ("Dynamic Information on Traffic Volume"), which records traffic. We use LED boards to provide information about traffic jams and closures. All the data is compiled in the Port Road Management Center.

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Clear roads with DIVA

For better traffic management, we rely on our PRMC system ; using Bluetooth and video detection as well as induction loops in the streets, the system monitors traffic in the port area. DIVA shows the many trucks the best routes to the terminals and to free parking spaces in the port. Search traffic was yesterday, today the DIVA boards show where there is space for large or small trucks .



33,000 vehicles use the main port road every day, a good third of which are lorries. This inevitably leads to congestion. Optimised traffic control and management contributes to the improved use of the existing transport infrastructure as well as the construction and development of the road network. The IT-based traffic management at the port includes the following fields of action:

  • develop an incident management system
  • run a parking space management system
  • provide current traffic information
  • set up a traffic information centre
  • manage traffic dynamically via alternative routes
  • readjustment of the traffic light control to the current traffic situation

Port Road Management is the innovative traffic management system for optimizing road traffic in the Port of Hamburg. To improve traffic flow, potential incidents in the road network are recorded, messages are automatically generated and road users are informed by means of LED boards so that the traffic bottlenecks can be bypassed.

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Traffic engineering – for the smooth flow of lorry traffic

Today, commercial traffic depends not only on a highly developed road infrastructure, but also to an increasing extent on optimization through electronic guidance systems and the computer-aided processing of information accompanying transport. The Port of Hamburg is also helping to reduce standing and waiting times by providing appropriate services.

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