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Hamburg is the gateway to the world. And me make sure it remains open. The Hamburg Port Authority AöR (HPA) operates the port management from a single source since 2005. Efficiency, safety and profitability -that's what we aim for. We are responsible for planning and carrying out infrastructure measures as well as guaranteeing safety and simplicity of the shipping. Moreover, the Port Railway and the Property management are part of our division. What can we do for you? 

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Sustainable technologies in our port

Re-opening of the east tunnel in the St. Pauli Elbtunnel

The day had come on 26 April 2019: the east tunnel in the St. Pauli Elbtunnel was re-opened following an extensive refurbishment. After nearly ten years, the 426.5 metre connection between Landungsbrücken and Steinwerder now shines in new splendour.

This massive project involved the uncovering of the entire tubing construction with 1,700 steel beams. Additionally, more than 200,000 rivets and screws were checked, and 37 kilometres of joints were caulked. In close collaboration with the Historical Society, HPA restored the historical wall tiles and replaced both the lane covering and the lighting. Moreover, the tunnel was outfitted with cutting-edge technology such as smoke detectors and loudspeakers.

After the re-opening of this popular structure, which is much loved by Hamburg residents and tourists alike, HPA commissioned an exhibition to explain the history of the Elbtunnel using impressive pictures and display panels. These can be viewed directly in the east tunnel until 29 May 2019. The east tunnel is opened solely to pedestrians until 2 June 2019, before refurbishment work on the west tunnel commences and the east tunnel is opened to vehicles.

Here is where you can find details on the refurbishment of the St. Pauli Elbtunnel.
Here is where you can watch a film on the ceremonial re-opening.


The fairway adjustment is the most significant strategic project for the Port of Hamburg. The expansion of the fairway can begin. The relevant supplementary planning process has now been performed and was completed on 23 August 2018, with the provision of a resolution. 

We explain the fairway adjustment here and introduce the individual sub-projects.


Der Hamburger Sturmflutwarndienst (WADI) gibt Vorhersagen bekannt, wenn ein erwarteter Sturmflutscheitel einen Wasserstand von 4,50 m über Normalhöhennull (NHN) bzw. 2,40 m über mittlerem Hochwasser (MThw) überschreiten kann.
Die Gefahr einer Sturmflut mit einer Höhe von mehr als 4,50 m über NHN besteht zurzeit nicht.

For information, contact:

  • For harbour residents on +49 40 3159-51/-52 (Hamburg Port Authority)
  • For the City of Hamburg on +49 40 428 28 - 0 oder 115

Floods are natural occurrences. Forecasts are subject to change. Third parties cannot claim damages for the fulfilment of tasks (see § 52 paragraph [4] of the Hamburg Water Act [HWaG]).

The WADI actual information will be shown in german.

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