What to do in case of a storm surge

If your residence or business is located in an endangered area, you should be aware of the dangers, the warning channels and escape routes from the danger zone. You can get all the information here.

That's how personal technology can be

Immense expertise, clear goals and the love towards the port: Matthias Grabe, the Chief Technical Officer of the Hamburg Port Authority, unites all three. Learn about his view on HPA as well as his own role.

Project giganet 5G has been started

The future of mobile communication is being tested in the Port of Hamburg. Who's behind the project? What's the goal and which advantages does it offer for Hamburg? Learn more.

Port Management for Hamburg

Hamburg is the gateway to the world. And me make sure it remains open. The Hamburg Port Authority AöR (HPA) operates the port management from a single source since 2005. Efficiency, safety and profitability -that's what we aim for. We are responsible for planning and carrying out infrastructure measures as well as guaranteeing safety and simplicity of the shipping. Moreover, the Port Railway and the Property management are part of our division. What can we do for you? 

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The use of the Köhlbrand Bridge is not considered to be economical beyond the year 2030. Furthermore, the bridge, which was opened in 1974, has a clearance height of 53 metres and is thus no longer adequate for the expected sizes of container ships in the future. In 2017, the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) therefore began preliminary considerations of a new Köhlbrand crossing.

The process is deliberately designed to be open to all solutions. A multi-level feasibility study is examining the basic need for a tunnel solution on the one hand or a new bridge on the other in order to cross the Köhlbrand. As a first interim result shows, both solutions would be technically feasible.

Based on these completed studies, considerations will be given to issues such as the dimensioning and route of the infrastructure development. Reliable results which will make a fundamental evaluation possible are expected at the end of 2018. Statements can therefore not yet be made at this point in time regarding the time schedule and budget for the New Köhlbrand Crossing.


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A mega-containership visited our port

On March 15, 2018 at 4am, the 'CMA CGM AN­TOI­NE DE SAINT-EXU­PERY' arrived in the port - the biggest containership to ever visit the Port of Hamburg.

Name: CMA CGM An­toi­ne de Saint-Exupé­ry

Shipping company: CMA CGM, Mar­seil­le

Year of manufacture: 2018

Length: 400m

Width: 59m

Capacity: 20,776 TEU

The CMA CGM ST EXU­PERY is the biggest containership under the French flag. It's been used for the route between Asia and Europe since February 6, 2018. With its 20,776 TEU it belongs to the mega-carriers. In fact, all containers strung together would make a distance of 125 km. At the HHLA container terminal Burchardkai the containership will unload about 7,000 TEU and load about 4,500 TEU in no time. 

You can watch some moving images of this special arrival in our highly topical smartPORT TV episode here

Photo credits: HPA / photographer Knut Gie­len

The new Rethe bascule bridge

It's the biggest the bascule bridge for railways in Europe. And it assures flowing traffic in the port - the new Rethe bascule bridge. Learn more about this breathtaking project.

The HPA road infrastructure

Whether you need real-time traffic information, our parking guidance system or truck parking spots, you will find everything you need.

Property management at HPA

We are landlords and master builders. Take a look at our references and exposés to be convinced by the port being your location.