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Hamburg is the gateway to the world. And me make sure it remains open. The Hamburg Port Authority AöR (HPA) operates the port management from a single source since 2005. Efficiency, safety and profitability -that's what we aim for. We are responsible for planning and carrying out infrastructure measures as well as guaranteeing safety and simplicity of the shipping. Moreover, the Port Railway and the Property management are part of our division. What can we do for you? 

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The fairway adjustment, a lighthouse project

The fairway adjustment of the Elbe is going into the next round with the construction of the new leading light at Blankenese by the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA). The two lighthouses are needed to show the ships the new courseline once the channel has been widened. First, the new lighthouse for the low light, next to the Blankenese ferry terminal, will be erected on a base in the water. The base and an elevated viewing platform on the lighthouse shall be open to the public in future.

The bridge abutment at the embankment of the Elbe is currently being constructed. This will be followed by foundation work for the lighthouse, which is made of pre-fabricated steel components and will be installed on the base. Once the lighthouse has been equipped with its nautical technology, the installation of the pre-fabricated bridge from the embankment to the lighthouse’s base is the final step. Work will commence shortly on the new rear light in the Mühlenberg yacht port. After autumn 2020, when operations of the new leading light are scheduled to start up, the old lighthouses will be taken down.


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The fairway adjustment is the most significant strategic project for the Port of Hamburg. The expansion of the fairway can begin. The relevant supplementary planning process has now been performed and was completed on 23 August 2018, with the provision of a resolution. 

We explain the fairway adjustment here and introduce the individual sub-projects.


Der Hamburger Sturmflutwarndienst (WADI) gibt Vorhersagen bekannt, wenn ein erwarteter Sturmflutscheitel einen Wasserstand von 4,50 m über Normalhöhennull (NHN) bzw. 2,40 m über mittlerem Hochwasser (MThw) überschreiten kann.
Die Gefahr einer Sturmflut mit einer Höhe von mehr als 4,50 m über NHN besteht zurzeit nicht.

For information, contact:

  • For harbour residents on +49 40 3159-51/-52 (Hamburg Port Authority)
  • For the City of Hamburg on +49 40 428 28 - 0 oder 115

Floods are natural occurrences. Forecasts are subject to change. Third parties cannot claim damages for the fulfilment of tasks (see § 52 paragraph [4] of the Hamburg Water Act [HWaG]).

The WADI actual information will be shown in german.

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