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Sustainability Report 2013/2014 05.04.2018 4,9 MB
Sustainability Report 2011/2012 05.04.2018 2,2 MB
Information Sheet concerning Notice of Arrival/Departure Category: Seaway General Information, Inland Waterway Shipping 24.06.2021 158,5 KB
Schedule of Fees and Charges and Description of the User Charge System Category: GTC port railway; Railway List of Remuneration 24.06.2021 1.011,3 KB
Annual Report 2010 05.04.2018 3,4 MB
Project Report Benchmark of Environmental Emission for Railway
Hinterland Transport from the Port Of Hamburg 2010
15.06.2021 390,0 KB
Standard Form for Collection and Delivery 05.04.2018 133,2 KB
Port Information Guide 15.06.2021 1,5 MB
Depot Regulations for quick HGV Clearing 05.04.2018 318,1 KB
The Port Development Plan to 2025 05.04.2018 6,7 MB
HPA goes smartPORT 05.04.2018 1,4 MB
smartPORT App 05.04.2018 1.022,8 KB
Annual Report 2016 05.04.2018 2,1 MB
Port cycle event route (Hafenerlebnisroute) - Flyer 05.04.2018 3,3 MB
Sustainability Report 2015/2016 29.06.2018 3,6 MB
General Sustainability Report 2017/2018 22.01.2020 7,6 MB
Hamburg Port Sustainability Report 2017/2018 22.01.2020 5,3 MB

Marine infrastructure

Where can you find berths? Which registration forms do you need? Is a bridge blocked or threatened by floods? Our nautical center also navigates you through our port. Use our many services for port customers and residents.
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Road traffic in the port

Whether you need real-time traffic information, our parking guidance system or truck parking spots, you will find everything you need.
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Port railway

The harbor railway rolls: Directly to our guidelines, terms of use, charges or pre-registration for our loading tracks.
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