Pleasure vessel and traditional ship navigation in the port of Hamburg

Seafaring attracts recreational sportsmen or enthusiasts of historical ships as well. There are seperate berths all over the port just for those interests. The 'Museumhafen Övelgönne' as well as the 'Stiftung Hamburg Maritime' offer berths for traditional ships of different sizes. 

The HPA doesn't run any berths for sport boats or tradiontional ships. Sailing and motor boats exclusively used for sport and leisure purposes receive a berth in the marinas which are scattered all over the port.

The 'Museumshafen Övelgönne' as well as the 'Stiftung Hamburg Maritime' offer berths for traditional ships of different sizes. 

Sailing regattas which are going to be held in the Port of Hamburg require a licence. 

To apply for an authorization please contact: 

Mr. Werner
Tel.: 040/42 84 7-2582


In the Port of Hamburg as well as outside of the federal waterway Elbe and its outlying districts the sport boat licence order for inland and sea shipping is valid. 

The highest permissible speed in the port of Hamburg for recreational vehicles with a machine drive is 22km (12 nautical miles) per hour. This maximum refers to the speed through the water. Regardless of the prescribed speed limits, each person must adjust their speed in such a way so that no other water users are endangered, harmed, or impeded or inconvenienced more than circumstances dictate.

Vehicles with rudders must navigate on the northern Elbe between Niederhafen und Fischereihafen on the north side behind the landing facilities; they may navigate in both directions outside of the fairway as well as on the southern Elbe between the Rethe and the 17. Juni bridge on the eastern side, near the eastern or northern bank, as well as on the Southern and Upper Elbe between the 17. Juni bridge and the port limit in Oortkaten, near the southern bank.
Outgoing recreational vessels may use the water south of the southern buoyed channel in the main channel in the Lower Elbe from the Rüsch Canal to the domestic border. Recreational vessels that must cross may not hinder ongoing shipping. Among recreational vessels on other waterways in the port of Hamburg, the COLREGs rules of way, notwithstanding section 20, paragraph 4, number 3, apply.

Sport vehicles on trailers can be launched at different slipways:

Entenwerder am Entenwerder Zollhafen (Entenwerder 7,20539 Hamburg)
At Holzhafen - Billwerder Bucht (Holzhafenufer 10, 22113 Hamburg)
In Oortkaten (Oortkatenufer 12, 21037 Hamburg)