The HPA PORTrait: The DUCKDALBEN international seamen's club

Port is what we do – and making seamen happy is what the International seamen’s club DUCKDALBEN does. They’ve already been opened daily for their guests from all around the world since 13 August 1986. The team does not only offer plenty leisure time activities such as instruments, a media room, billiard and football tables but most of all they give their visitors a home. Especially now during Christmas time there are many seamen who gladly join the Christmas Eve festiveness.


  • Opening: 13 August 1986
  • Opening hours: 10:00 Uhr - 22:30 Uhr, 365 Tage im Jahr
  • Team consisting of 13 full-time and more than 80 voluntary employees

During Christmas and Boxing Day...

...the DUCKDALBEN remains open.


The Hamburg Port Authority is a proud partner of the DUCKDALBEN.

But how does the DUCKDALBEN spent Christmas Eve?

For the club’s employees the festiveness already starts in the morning. A small group sets off for the remaining ships in the port to say goodbye and to convey their Christmas wishes for the crew. Another team visits the occupied gates to deliver a small Christmas present. From now on the preparations run on full speed to make sure everything’s ready for the English devotion held by a team member, the pastor and the deacon of the seamen’s mission under the big Christmas at 8 o’ clock. Afterwards the Christmas dinner, which is raclette, is being held for the hungry 120- 150 old salts. Of course, you wouldn’t want to miss out on Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. Therefore, he visits the guests with his Christmas elf to give them self-made presents containing sweets, nuts, oranges and a special surprise. To conclude the night and to conclude the celebration of different origins and religions, it’s a tradition for the international guests to read passages of the Christmas story in their own language out loud.