Connecting ports worldwide

The digital change offers new possibilites for HPA to remain one of the leading ports in the world. With our smartPORT projects we are pushing the optimization of the flows of traffic and goods through IT solutions ahead. At the same time the Port of Hamburg is connecting with other ports worldwide to build a chain of intelligent ports - chainPORTs.   

chainPORT is a multilateral partnership of the world leading ports. Members are committed to the exchange of knowledge, innovation and to the promotion of strategic topics.  chainPORT’s aim is to have an informed debate on the effects of the digital revolution on scale and, in so doing, avoid unnecessary future investments in physical assets.

Our drive

With the chainPORT initiative we go beyond the traditional concept of bilateral partnerships. We want to connect port management with their partners and customers to share experiences and to develop strategies. Ports are supposed to be cooperating digitally and analog within a global network. Because only the mutual use of intelligent data systems as well as an open exchange enable a lasting growth which doesn't only focus on economy but also on ecology. 

The chainPORT hackathon

For the first time the chainPORT hackathon is going to be held in Antwerp (Oct. 11th - 13th 2018) and in Los Angeles (Oct. 12th - 13th 2018). There are going to be challenges to be solved together. These concern tasks of the fields Mo­bi­li­ty, In­ter Port, Safe­ty & Se­cu­ri­ty, Pro­cess & Do­cu­ment Flow, Sustaina­bi­li­ty and Edu­ca­ti­on through Ga­mi­fi­ca­ti­on. At the end of the event the winners are going to be awarded. For more information click here.

International key working groups

In international key working groups relevant topics are discussed and developed. The chainPORT members communicate in personal meetings as well as through digital means of communication transcending national borders and continents.

The key issue is the information technology. Another important topic is the handling of growing container ships - a challenge any port has to surmount. Furthermore, cruise calls are meant to be more efficient and asier to plan by improving the connection and data exchange between ports. Another necessary subject to discuss: ecology. By e.g. exchanging knowledge about emission reduction, the chainPORTs take important steps in terms of sustainability. For the chainPORT initiative the IT infrastructure within each organization is also essential. Therefore, port authorities are working together towards the goal of the realization of the digital change.

The members

chainPORT was initiated in April 2016 by the Port Authorities of Hamburg and Los Angeles in collaboration with the Global Institute of Logistics. Currently it is supported by the member ports of Antwerp, Barcelona, Busan,  Felixstowe, Indonesia, Montreal, Panama, Singapore, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Rotterdam.

The partnership is driven by several key working groups reporting to a Steering Committee comprising the CEO’s and Presidents from the member ports. The working groups focus on a range of subjects including smart IT solutions, the implications and solutions for ultra large container vessels and shaping digital change in port authorities.  chainPORT partners believe that the participation in the digital revolution requires ongoing education of port management on this rapidly evolving and game changing development. In line with this idea, chainPORTs developed and implemented an expert training and education Academy. The Academy offers employees of participating ports access to continuing professional education and gives them access to a multidisciplinary network of professionals.

chainPORT partners are committed to leveraging the latest developments in technology to realize their vision of a smart, interconnected and digital world port system.

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