Connecting ports worldwide

The digital transformation is opening up new possibilities for HPA to ensure Hamburg remains one of the world’s key ports in future too. With our smartPORT projects, we are leveraging cutting-edge IT solutions to drive forward the optimisation of the flow of traffic and goods within the harbour. At the same time, the Port of Hamburg networks with other ports to create a chain of intelligent ports around the world: the chainPORTS.

Initiated by HPA, chainPORT is a cross-national partnership between the world’s leading ports. The members share their knowledge, innovations and promotions of strategic topics. The objective is to learn from one another and develop innovations. An extensive and solid debate on the effects of the digital revolution and, thanks to the more efficient use of existing infrastructure, the avoidance of unnecessary investments in future are the aim. 

The members

The chainPORT Initiative is spearheaded by the Ports of Hamburg and Los Angeles, in close cooperation with the partnering Ports Antwerpen, Barcelona, Busan, Felixstowe, Indonesia, Montreal, Panama, Rotterdam, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Singapore as well as the Global Institute of Logistics.

What sets our course

With the chainPORT initiative, we at HPA are going beyond the traditional concept of bilateral partnerships. We want port management, its partners and customers, to come together and share their experiences as well as develop strategies. In a network that spans the globe, ports should be able to collaborate both on a digital and on an analogue scale. After all, only by leveraging intelligent data systems jointly and openly exchanging information and ideas can sustainable growth be possible – growth which not only has an eye on the economy, but also a mind for ecology. In this way, chainPORT opens up new routes of sustainability.


Within the international working groups of chainPORT members, relevant topics are discussed and developed further – through personal meetings as well as via digital communication channels across country borders and continents.

This works as an "Umbrella" working group which brings together various themes/projects:
• Standardisation - defining what (which data and information), in what format and with what definition (terminology/semantics) should be exchanged between maritime and logistics actors;
• Connected Ports - Implementation of data exchange between ports;
• Cyber resilience - increasing the security of port authorities to better manage cyber attacks;
• Hackathon - A three-day event in which participants, divided in teams, challenge to give birth to an idea with defined themes in a creative environment;

The aim of this working group is to improve the interfaces between the various actors in the maritime logistics chain through cooperation and dialogue;

The aim of this working group lead by the HPA is to share experiences in port authorities on cultural change, which enables and promotes digital transformation, for example through the exchange of best practices;

The aim of this annual event is the continuous development of the competence of the employees in the partner ports and the intensive networking of the participants.

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