How can the transit of 145 million tonnes of goods through the port be sped up? With the SPL app.

More than 40,000 lorry trips criss-cross the port area: that’s what a day at the port of Hamburg looks like. Nearly ten million standard containers were handled at the port in 2014. Freight operators, port companies, port management, and all those involved in the transport have a common goal: to get the goods through the port as quickly and reliably as possible. Although the volume of cargo continues to increase – current forecasts predict the number of containers will increase by 18,000 TEU by 2030 – it is hardly possible to structurally expand the port infrastructure.

In order to coordinate the growing flows of traffic and goods at the port even more efficiently, HPA has developed the smartPORT logistics concept. As part of smartPORT logistics, SPL links all the parties involved in the logistics chain to their mutual benefit: transport traffic is better planned and can be more effectively coordinated. Thus, SPL supports the development of the port into a smartPORT and the maintenance of the competitiveness of the commercial port of Hamburg.

The SPL app is worthwhile from day one

More tours
You can temporarily become part of a foreign fleet and take open tours. This is good for you, because you will have more orders. This is good for the transporters, because everything goes faster.

Better timing
Avoid congestion, plan tours precisely, and calculate waiting times from the very beginning: the SPL app will save you time and stress on the ports’ roads – and soon also while searching for a parking space.

Optimally timed
Drivers, dispatchers and operators always have the exact expected time of arrival and the driver’s respective position and order situations – so orders are efficiently assigned and precisely timed.

The regarding downloads (German):

Auftragsformular für Container Terminal/Depot (Order form for terminal/depot)

Auftragsformular für Fuhrunternehmer (Order form for haulage contractors)

Auftragsformular für Parkraumbetreiber (Order form for parking operators) 

Auftragsformular für Transportunternehmen (Order form for forwarding agents)

This is how it works: 

Fill in the order form, send it and download the SPL APP through an URL. For 6,00 Euros a month (net) you can connect directly and in a mobile way with drivers, dispatchers and operators in the port. You will achieve more - with less stress. 


Less waiting time – more tours

Only 30% of the time a lorry spends at the port is actually spent driving. The difficult traffic and congestion situation as well as the communication systems of the freight carriers and transporters, as well as the terminal, depot and parking space operators, most of which are isolated, are the biggest challenges drivers face at the port.

SPL makes the traffic and transport situation more transparent and easier to plan so that carriers, port management and port companies can react more quickly and manage the transport chain more effectively.

  • Increased transport volume thanks to optimised tour timing
  • Traffic and infrastructure information in real time
  • Quick, direct communication between drivers and dispatchers
  • Visualised view of the port for monitoring and coordinating fleets
  • Using the SPL module smartDRIVE can reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 15%

The more people who use SPL, the more effectively the system will function – for all parties. Thus, it is HPA’s goal to network as many port operators as possible via the SPL platform. Users benefit from the flexibility of SPL: each operator obtains precisely the applications with the specific information he needs in his industry.

Advantages for port management

  • Optimal utilisation and capacity rate of the port infrastructure (roads, parking spaces)
  • Valuable data for the strategic management of traffic
  • Optimised utilisation of the existing infrastructure facilitates further growth
  • Innovative advancements increase the attractiveness of the port as a shipping centre

Advantages for terminal operators

Direct exchange of information with customers as well as information on the ETA facilitates the precise timing of container arrival and collection. This increases performance.

Advantages for parking operators

Transparent information on transit traffic optimises the utilisation of parking spaces and prevents congestion.

SPL documents you might be interested in

​Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen​ (Gerneral Terms and Conditions)

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​Anleitung zur Aktivierung der SPL-APP (Instructions to activate the SPL APP)

​Auftragsformular für Container Terminal/Depot (Order form for terminal/depot)

​Auftragsformular für Fuhrunternehmer (Order form for haulage contractors)

​Auftragsformular für Parkraumbetreiber (Order form for parking operators) 

​Auftragsformular für Transportunternehmen (Order form for forwarding agents)


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