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The HPA infoPORT

Up-to-date traffic reports, downloads from forms to publications as well as your contact at the HPA - all by one click. Easily searched, found even faster. Just leaves one question open: What are you looking for?

infoPORT traffic reports

Marine infrastructure

Where can you find berths? Which registration forms do you need? Is a bridge blocked or threatened by floods? Our nautical center also navigates you through our port. Use our many services for port customers and residents.
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Road traffic in the port

Follow us to the port on the road to success with our future-oriented PORTroad management. Whether you need real-time traffic information, a parking guidance system or truck parking - you will find everything you need.
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Port railway

We are the switchmen for your freight transport - with the possibilities and services of the Hamburg port railway. Go straight to our guidelines, Terms of use, fees or pre-registration for our freight lanes.
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