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The Hamburg Port Authority port-map shop

The port of Hamburg is a complex traffic node that is subject to constant structural changes. In order to keep up-to-date, the port-related map material is processed where the information on infrastructure measures converges. HPA’s port cartography provides you with the latest analogue and digital maps of the port of Hamburg and its outlying areas.

Individual solutions for your purposes

HPA’s port maps are designed to be a precise and flexible working base for various purposes. The database’s layered structure makes it possible to set main focus points and create the appropriate maps for individual cases. In addition, vector data management facilitates a wide range of layouts and graphic representations. All the results are available in a digital format so they can be subjected to additional processing. If you need special maps (also of parts of the port), we would be happy to help. We cover a wide range of applications that make it possible to create maps for book publications, brochures, posters, wall maps, as well as for designing digital information offers, such as statistic or interactive websites. In the following, we present our standard maps.

HPA port cartography

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