Bauprojekt Steinwerder Süd

Developing the port inward

“Steinwerder Süd” – that’s the name of the new, trendsetting location at the Port of Hamburg. By the mid-2020s, the HPA will have turned the Hansa and Ross terminals into a forward-thinking harbor area: At 32.6 hectares, Steinwerder Süd will be a multipurpose, adaptable business hub while also serving as an example for the future interior development of the Port of Hamburg.

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Utilizing the development potential at the center of the port

The future port location Steinwerder Süd lies around three linear kilometers away from the city of Hamburg at the center of the port by the eastern approach to the Köhlbrand Bridge. To develop the sustainable harbor area, the two old, partially dilapidated terminals on the Oderhafen harbor basin will be completely restructured.

The criteria for the subsequent selection of users will be likely value creation, stimulus for the Hamburg job market, the potential benefits to local business, and the strengthening of the Port of Hamburg as well as its competitiveness.


What are the goals of this renewal?

The fundamental goals of restructuring the center of the port will be achieved by implementing the following:

• Restructuring the site inward as an example for future port development.

• Setting new benchmarks for flexible and efficient use of space as well as for economic port development.

• Establishing typical port facilities that have a high real net output ratio, create as many jobs as possible and bring real benefit to local business.

• Improving the currently very limited available space over the short and medium term.

• (Re)using available space in need of renovation, improving their use efficiency and thereby contributing to resource-conserving port development.

• Securing and strengthening the competitive position of the Port of Hamburg for the long term.

How is the restructuring organized?

The revitalization will take place in two stages to develop the Steinwerder Süd port area according to actual need and using as few resources as possible:

With the renewal (preparation stage), an efficient area optimized for future facilities will be created that will be enclosed on all water sides by embankments.
To protect against flooding, the wharfage of the Ross and Hansa terminals will be raised from the current 5.5 meters above sea level (a.s.l.) to eight meters a.s.l., and the Oderhafen harbor basin in between will be filled in before also being raised to eight meters a.s.l.

In the second step (final expansion), the infrastructure will be established in an investment-friendly manner, i.e., only according to actual need, and refinanced by each user (e.g., quay walls, cranes, superstructure). To be able to use the space as efficiently and flexibly as possible, a modular grid of market-oriented, 150 x 150-meter lots was developed.

Where can I find further information about Steinwerder Süd?

What is happening on site now? What are the planned next steps? How can I contact those responsible? Additional information on the project can be found at

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