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Become an HPA service provider

We tender for construction, delivery and other services for the HPA in accordance with the statutory framework conditions in Germany and Eu­ro­pe.

You can view the Ham­burg Port Aut­ho­ri­ty's current tenders and assigned contracts in the following lis­t. Using the fil­ter ­func­ti­on, you can specifically search for certain services or topics.

The on­line plat­form also allows you to create and submit your bid entirely on­line. Submitting bids in pa­per ­form is still permitted, however.

Here is the link to the Vergabeplattform

7 Invitations to tender

Tenders and requests to participate must be sent to the following address:

HPA Hamburg Port Authority AöR
Ausschreibungsstelle EG Zimmer 20
Brooktorkai 1
20457 Hamburg

Our opening hours are:
Monday to Thursday from 9 am to 3 pm.
Friday from 9 am to 1 pm.

Latest Invitations to tender

DescriptionSubmission DateUpdated AtCategoryDL
Schaffung einer Landfläche im Äußeren Veringkanal Teilbaumaßnahme 3.2 - In der Zip-Datei befindet sich der Bekanntmachungstext, das Bewerbungsformblatt sowie 2 andere Dateien. Contract id: VOB/18/U2424 Submission Date: 02.08.2018 10:45 am 16.07.2018Teilnahmewettbewerbe
Richtfeuerlinie Blankenese - Kampfmittelsondierung auf Landflächen, Freilegung und Bergung von Anomalien Contract id: EC-0248-18-Ö Submission Date: 08.08.2018 10:45 am 13.07.2018Bauleistung
Bewässerung und Reinigung der Fahrwege auf der Deponie Francop Contract id: WS-0337-18-O-EU Submission Date: 16.08.2018 10:45 am 12.07.2018Liefer- und Dienstleistungen
Moorburg - Instandhaltung der Entwässerungsfelder Contract id: WS-0235-18-Ö Submission Date: 03.08.2018 10:45 am 12.07.2018Bauleistung
Moorburg - Ersatzbeschaffung Spülrohrmaterial Contract id: WS-0316-18-Ö Submission Date: 27.07.2018 11:45 am 05.07.2018Liefer- und Dienstleistungen
Ausbau Hovestraße - Querungshilfe Hovestraße 44-50 Contract id: MO-0396-18-Ö Submission Date: 31.07.2018 10:45 am 03.07.2018Bauleistung
Flotte Hamburg GmbH - Bau- und betriebsfertige Lieferung von 2 Stück baugleichen Feuerlöschschiffen "LB30" Contract id: SF-0062-18-O-EU Submission Date: 21.08.2018 10:45 am 25.06.2018Liefer- und Dienstleistungen

Further information

For personal delivery, our opening hours are:

Monday to Thursday from 9 am to 3 pm.

Friday from 9 am to 1 pm.

Questions concerning the award of HPA's construction, supply and services are answered by the Purchasing Department:


Quick and easy

Elec­tro­nic tendering simply explained in four steps:

1. Re­gis­ter
One-off re­gis­tration on the tendering ­plat­form gives you access to al­l the tenders published on the plat­form. Using your self-selected user ­na­me and pass­word, you can participate in public tenders at any time free of charge.
Please do not use your per­so­nal e-mail account when registering!

In the case of EU-wide open tenders, you can also access the tender documents without re­gis­tering (in PDF for­mat), in accordance with new EU guidelines.

2. Download the tender documents
You can apply to tender 24 hours a day, seven days a week. After applying, you can download the tender documents free of charge and begin the process.

3. Submit your bid
Di­gi­tal­ bids are signed with a­n elec­tro­nic si­gna­ture and submitted in encrypted form. 
It is still possible to submit your bid by signing the standard form, or elec­tro­nically in text ­form.
It is also still possible to submit your bid in pa­per ­form.

4. On­line sub­mis­si­on ­report
If you submitted your bid di­gi­tally, you can view the on­line sub­mis­si­on repor­t following sub­mis­si­on.

Why online? Here are the benefits

It's quicker

  • Complete service specifications and forms quickly and easily – no formatting, no printing
  • Import and export your service specification quickly and accurately, via GAEB interface
  • Fewer formal errors in the process, therefore fewer exclusions due to automatic checks
  • Optimise the submission date: all bids can be quickly withdrawn or amended before submission

It's secure

  • Only you can view and/or edit your bid
  • Other platform users cannot amend your bid 
  • The electronic tender process is fully documented – thereby guaranteeing transparency

It saves cos­ts

  • Download tender documents free of charge
  • By registering at rib.de, you can also research the tenders of other public contracting authorities free of charge
  • Flexible assistance via the hotline and HPA staff