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You are energetic and motivated? We've got brilliant future prospects - for you and the port. The HPA offers many diverse chances to grow with the port. Whether it's an apprenticeship, internship, trainee or university place - or even the next step on your personal career ladder: About 1,800 employees at the HPA 'do port'. Join us!

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At our training worklpace Harburg our trainees can be trained to be industrial mechanic as well as surveyor. 

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WHAT WE have to offer AS AN EMPLOYER

About 1,800 people work at HPA. If you ask us, each of them is satisfied with their job. As a modern company, we want to satisfy personal as well as professional needs. Work should be fulfilling. All the better if it brings us closer. 

Each individual counts, all together more than ever
As a company, we rely on good cooperation and communication – not as an abstract goal, but as a basis for normal daily working routines. We work in a multifaceted, vibrant company in which each individual contributes and actively communicates.

This allows us to discover new solutions and learn to appreciate and respect each other’s opinions and abilities. This also means that employees have the opportunity to further their development in accordance with their interests. Each individual does his/her job. Together, we are HPA.

Nobody wins if employees don’t feel comfortable at work. We feel that the promotion of health is a natural part of a good working atmosphere. Our workstations are designed in accordance with occupational health guidelines. What’s even healthier is combining work and movement. We promote fitness and health – as well as fun and conviviality – via a variety of company sports groups.

Grow with us

Everyone deserves the opportunity to develop. What that opportunity looks like depends on each individual’s talents and interests. For us, this means that if we want the best employees, we have to provide them with individual support.

We start with a wide range of training opportunities, placements for students and interns, as well as our trainee programme. But that’s not all! We offer our employees the opportunity to expand their skills and assume new tasks with professional and interdisciplinary training.

We keep our eyes open – targeted potential analyses help us discover and promote talent throughout our company.

HPA is a member of the Ham­burg Employers’ As­so­ci­a­tion (AVH), so our remuneration is based on the TV-AVH collective agreement. This includes company pension plans for our employees. The HVV-ProfiCard allows our employees to use public transport at discounted rates.


Application tips

Write a short cover letter. One page is usually enough. What we really want to know is: Why you are applying for this position, what makes you the ideal candidate? What experience and skills do you bring to the table and what is your potential?

It’s good to start your cover letter with an individual introduction before getting into the job profile.

Your CV

The length of your CV should correspond to the duration and depth of your professional experience.  For optimal readability, it is recommended that you structure it clearly and make it visually appealing – such as a table subdivided into the following sections:

1. Personal information

Name and address. According to the European Directive on the principle of equal treatment (German General Act on Equal Treatment), the date and place of birth are no longer required.

2. Academic and school education

Recent graduates should inform us of the highest academic degree or school leaving certificate they have earned. If you already have professional experience and have been out of school for several years, we only need your latest educational qualification.

3. Professional experience

List all your previous professional jobs, providing a brief description of the position. Information about your area of responsibility (number of employees, budget responsibility, procuration, etc.) and on the company (number of employees, turnover) is important. We also enjoy reading about professional achievements and special projects. Recent graduates can specify any practical experience (internships, student jobs, temp work). Practical training or curriculum content may also be relevant.

5. Additional qualifications

Do you have special language or IT skills? Can you provide evidence of advanced training or other additional qualifications? Then tell us!


Our work environment is one of the largest and most important seaports in the world. It’s no wonder that no two days are alike! That’s exactly how it is when you work at HPA.

Our jobs are varied, exciting – and sometimes quite demanding. But what environment provides better development opportunities than the vibrant, steadily growing port of Hamburg? Show us that you can keep up with the port. If you have the energy and motivation required, you can start your career with us.

Precision work on the turning machine 


Let us train you

There is a lot to tackle in the midst of Hamburg’s gateway to the world. That is why we need young people who want to develop along with us.
We offer recent graduates vocational training in ten different professions. So don’t hesitate – you’ll step right into everyday work life and become familiar with exciting and versatile tasks.

And after the training? It continues. With a successful degree, you will have a good chance of being accepted. And you will continue to learn even then – because we prepare our employees for the next step on the job ladder thanks to our various qualifications and training measures.

The training courses at the Hamburg Port Authority​​

Industrial mechanics set up, maintain and monitor technical systems. They set up, retrofit and operate production facilities as well as monitor the production process.

These technicians install, maintain and repair electrical operation, production, process and lighting systems, from switching and control systems, to energy supply systems, to communication technology installations.

Construction mechanics manufacture metal constructions. At HPA, these may be floating installations, bridges, locks, ships, or dock ladders.

Port sailors provide the shipmaster with support with freight transport, cargo handling and passenger transport. They work on tugs, barges and ferries.

Surveyors measure positions and heights, assess the measurement data in the office and create or updates plans and maps on the computer.

Study and train at the same time? No problem

A work-study programme effectively combines an academic education with hands-on work experience. You will alternate between university classes and working at HPA. What you learn in your courses, you will apply at HPA – and that has two advantages.

Firstly: You start your job with lots of professional experience.

Secondly: You know us and we know you – and after you graduate, that is the best prerequisite for a career at HPA.

HPA offers the work-study programme in cooperation with various universities in Northern Germany, including the Nordakademie in Elmshorn and Hochschule 21 in Buxtehude.

Even if your work is part of your studies, you don’t have to work for free. HPA will cover your work-study programme tuition fees. In addition, you will receive remuneration for the practical and theoretical phases. A dual degree programme is win-win, it’s that simple.

We offer university places in the following fields:

Bachelor of Science Business Information Technology

Bachelor of Science Business Studies

Bachelor of Science Industrial Engineering and Operations Research 

Bachelor of Engineering Construction Engineering 

We annouce all university places that are currently available on our job market. Apply fast and straightforward with our online form. 

You've got questions concerning the dual courses of study, the university places or the qualifications? 

Our contact Heimke Körner will be glad to help you:

Heimke Körner
Tel: +49 40 42847-2814


Internship or trainee Let's get started

Internships with us

Hands-on knowledge for your studies

Practical experience will bring your studies to life. Get a feel for everyday working life, find new job prospects. Get to know a company from the inside out and create the foundation for a successful career.
There are more than enough reasons. And more than enough opportunities for an exciting, multifaceted internship at HPA.

Do you want to really get to know the port? Then apply for an internship or for a final thesis at HPA. There are a variety of internships among our job offers.

Apply in good time!

​HPA offers a variety of training courses – so we receive a lot of internship requests.

Please use our application form to apply online at least six months before the start of your internship. This gives you the best chance to receive the internship you desire.

Clear statements, clear answers

You want an internship that corresponds exactly to your interests. That’s why you should tell us the exact time period and field of activity in which you want to work in your application.
Are you not quite sure or do you want to learn more about the opportunities at HPA? Our points of contact would be happy to answer all your questions about internships and final theses.

Promoting IT management and consulting at the University of Hamburg

We want the best for our IT-based infrastructure solutions. And we know that requires doing something. That is why HPA supports the IT management and consulting degree programme at the University of Hamburg.

This goes beyond contributing to the Hamburg companies’ endowed chair. HPA offers students in the IT degree programme active support by clearly linking research and practice. Study and company projects, lectures from guests in the field and periods abroad ideally prepare graduates for the profession. Great prerequisites – for us as well.

That makes it perpetually easier – for us as trainers as well as for graduates who want to launch their career.
An internship at HPA offers exciting insights into the profession and shows our interns what everyday work life looks like at HPA. What’s good about that? You get to know us and vice versa.
If you would like to apply for a training programme at HPA afterwards, it’s a real advantage.

Trainee programme – practical experience

Everything begins at HPA. Our trainee programme will allow you to lay the foundation for your career following your studies. Within twenty-four months, you will become familiar with every aspect of our company and will have the opportunity to develop your talents and skills in a targeted manner. You will be amazed. About HPA – and yourself.

Get a good start ...Do you have an above-average university degree and are looking for your next challenge? 

Then join us and become acquainted with the practice. In the twenty-four months of your trainee programme, you will pass through various departments in our company. This will give you an overview of how HPA works and, at the same time, provide you with the ideal introduction to your later work environment.

... remain competitive in the long run

You want a great job, we want great employees. That is the goal of our trainee programme.

In addition to the company’s structure and systematic processes, the programme also includes targeted, individual support for your interests and skills. Together with the work experience and the accompanying seminars, you will be well-prepared for a long career at HPA after only one year.

Marine infrastructure

Where can you find berths? Which registration forms do you need? Is a bridge blocked or threatened by floods? Our nautical center also navigates you through our port. Use our many services for port customers and residents.
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Road traffic in the port

Whether you need real-time traffic information, our parking guidance system or truck parking spots, you will find everything you need.
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Port railway

The harbor railway rolls: Directly to our guidelines, terms of use, charges or pre-registration for our loading tracks.
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