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Port flood waters

Foresight is the best protection

The Port of Hamburg has the latest flood protection systems and operates according to the latest storm surge research methods.

However, there is no such thing as 100% safety when it comes to the risks of flooding and storm surges. The faster we react, the lower the risk. Which isn't only true for the HPA. The port businesses and the population close to the port must also be well informed so that they can react quickly in emergency situations.

This is where we are responsible

The HPA is responsible for the port area and for the area prior to the dikes in the open tidal area of the Elbe. Exclusion zones and other safety measures do NOT apply to the HafenCity, the Speicherstadt (warehouse district) and the Kehrwiederspitze!

Information about storm surge protection in these areas is available from the Hamburg Ministry of the Interior and Sport and from Hamburg Mitte Borough Office.

Storm surge: What is important

Put briefly: Information, preparation, awareness.

If your home address or your business lies within the area at risk, then you need to know all about the dangers, the warning channels and the escape routes out of the danger area.

Prepare for emergencies by checking protection measures and escape routes on your own premises. Finally, in cases of acute danger, carefully follow the radio announcements or use the announcement services of the WADI and the City of Hamburg.

Since 2011 it has also been possible to use the free SMS (text message) warning service of the Hamburg Ministry of the Interior and Sport. In this way you will immediately be aware of an exclusion zone or evacuation.

WADI makes the announcements

If there is a risk of high water levels, enquiries are made to the Hamburg storm surge warning service, WADI.

WADI evaluates the measurement data from various water level measurements and water data, and from it creates a precise prediction for the entry of flood water into the Port of Hamburg.

Water levels greater than 4.5 m above normal sea level are referred to as a severe storm surge. Now WADI supplies all the important water level predictions.

At least eight WADI employees are in action during severe storm surges. They man the incident rooms with their own radio centre. They report warnings and forecasts to port businesses and centres with a suitable message receiver as well as to the Hamburg Ministry of the Interior and other authorities. The warnings are then forwarded in a variety of ways to the population.

We inform you if things are getting a bit tight

Thanks to WADI, storm surges are not unexpected.

Thanks to precise forecasts, we gain time to warn the population of dangers and prepare exclusion and evacuation zones, as well as, if necessary, to prepare for an evacuation.
Port businesses and the population are warned via various channels:
Canon shots (approximately eight hours prior to the expected high water
Warnings over broadcast radio (from about nine hours before the expected high water at shortening intervals)
 WADI-Funk (mit geeignetem Meldeempfänger)
Sirens in the port area as a signal to listen out for broadcast radio warnings
 Area warnings using sound trucks (especially if there is a risk of dykes being breached)
Telephone warnings (for individual locations)
SMS (text message) warnings  (SMS-waring service)