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The Port of Hamburg

This is where we are – this is what we do. The activities of the HPA cover the whole port and all its processes. Our work is as varied as the port itself.

Facts and figures

"The Gateway to the World" is aptly named. here you can find solid evidence that the Port of Hamburg is exceptional – and not just that is exceptionally big.

St. Pauli Elbtunnel

Historic yes, but also highly practical. The old Elbe Tunnel may be a historic monument, but it is also still the fastest way from the city centre to the other side of the Elbe. And its useful for lots more besides...

Bridges and locks

Where would Hamburg be without its bridges? Our locks are less well known, but no less important. Together both are responsible for the round-the-clock smooth running of traffic in the port.

Port flood waters

We cannot prevent flood water
… but what we can do is identify it early on, provide timely information and ensure we are comprehensively prepared. The port is our responsibility. Which is why we take flood prevention particularly seriously.