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smartPORT logistics

smartPORT logistics

The Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) strives to increase the efficiency of the port as an important link in the supply chain. smartPORT logistics is synonymous for smart traffic and trade flow solutions in the Port of Hamburg, taking account of both economic and ecological aspects. A special focus of the project lies on infrastructure, traffic flows and trade flows.

Traffic Flows

An intermodal Port Traffic Centre will interlink the various modes of transport and make traffic flows on water, rail and road more efficient. The centre will process all traffic information collected in the Port of Hamburg and distribute it to users. Transport users and decision makers will then be able to read the relevant traffic information in real time, enabling them to choose the fastest and most favourable mode of transport to get their goods to their final destination.


Establishing intelligent infrastructure is imperative to ensure smooth and efficient traffic flows and, ultimately, trade flows in the Port of Hamburg. Intelligent information technology consists of elements such as Bluetooth, hotspots or WLAN, cloud, mobile end devices, Internet of Things and Big Data.

Trade Flows

Having at one’s disposal the relevant information where and when required will ensure optimum trade flows. To achieve that, other players in the port need to assist in compiling the available information. Already existing IT platforms must be interlinked to create added value from this information and give logistics services providers, hauliers and agents the opportunity to choose the most efficient mode of transport for their goods.


Always up-to-date: we regularly publish information about our project smartPORT logistics.


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