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Truck parks

A break at last

 The end of the shift, driving time used up: after a long day on the road, you're due a well deserved rest. Where can you find a suitable parking place? Where can you get a shower and a meal? Where can you fill up with fuel? Parking on the autobahns is often difficult. However, with this fold-out sheet the HPA's aim is to help you find what you're looking for.

In the map on the right-hand side 59 truck parks, service areas and truck stops are listed within a radius of approximately 80 km around the Port of Hamburg, and in the detailed map on the other side there are a further six parking areas within the port area.

Just which services are available at each location area is also listed in the tables. The HPA wishes you a good trip and enjoyable R&R.

Fold-out sheet, truck parks 


Information (german)

LKW Parkplätze im Hamburger Hafen

Truck parks