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Road traffic in the port

All clear on the port roads

The HPA is responsible for the maintenance of 140 km of roads in the Port of Hamburg. This includes repairs, winter service and controlling the traffic flow. We are also responsible for improving the road network.

The rapid growth of the port presents us with major challenges. So that the traffic runs even more smoothly in the future, we are constantly working to expand the road network and develop it to match its increasing loading. As part of the Port Road Management system we are gradually introducing the latest traffic management concepts. In the long term this increases the capacity of the port roads and consequently the competitiveness of the port.

Building site? The traffic still flows

Crippling traffic flows to improve our road network? Quite simply not on the agenda.

Wherever possible, our aim is to carry out road building and maintenance work whilst maintaining normal traffic operation, as was recently the case during the extensive conversion of the Finkenwerd interchange.

This requires careful planning and coordination. However, its worth it: road users can bypass the building sites with scarcely any hold-ups and without the construction work becoming a test of their patience.

Where everything comes together: The Port Road Management Centre

The Port Road Management Centre was set up as a traffic control centre for the entire port area. This is where all the traffic information and data from countless measuring and control points throughout the port area is collected. The data is processed and forwarded to the road users and port businesses over the appropriate channels. DIVA (the dynamic traffic information system) too is supplied with the latest (accurate to the minute) information from here.

Efficient use of traffic routes

33,000 vehicles every day take to the port's roads and a good third of these are trucks. For the port's logistics companies, every traffic jam costs hard cash while for all the other road users the price is unwanted extra stress. With targeted information, DIVA helps to control the traffic flow and thus prevent queues and waiting times.
Maintaining an overview and offering real time traffic information
DIVA receives all its traffic information from the Port Road Management Centre. Data here is taken from various measuring points all over the port area. This information is processed in the shortest possible time and transferred to huge LED displays at all the traffic intersections in the port area. All messages are displayed in a mixture of text and graphics. Car drivers receive early information about jams and closures and, moreover, receive an overview of the road network so that they can avoid hold-ups. The overall result is that traffic is better distributed over the port's roads. Preventing stress, saving fuel and reducing emissions, so helping us all.



Road traffic in the port

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