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Property management

The employees of property management are responsible for all of the HPA's own property (land, buildings, quay walls and floating installations).

The sales team is responsible for gaining customers for the currently around 1,820 ha of rentable land, some 100 buildings and around 26 km of rentable quay wall along with the various floating installations (dolphins, pontoons, water stairs) within the Port of Hamburg. 
In commercial property management the rental contracts are agreed and looked after, contract changes processed and implemented.

Technical property and installation management includes the sub-domains building office, operating and supply technology, energy management and berth installations management, and provides the care of the allocated installations in respect of servicing, maintenance and repair. 

Usage strategies, stock and property affairs, training and IT matters are combined together in the Special Tasks business unit.

The vast majority of the land within the port area belongs to the Hamburg Port Authority. The land may not be sold under the conditions of the Port Development Law (HafenEG) of 1982, rather the HPA agrees long-term rental contracts and these may only be awarded and used for commercial port purposes.

Head of Property Management

provisional management Uwe Weidemann
Phone: +49 (0) 40 42847-3014

Assistant Head of Property Management

Cindy Path
Assistenz Leitung ImmobilienmanagementPhone: +49 (0) 40 42847-2412