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Port Railway

We are moving goods traffic onto the railways

The Hamburg port railway is the link between the port terminals and the European railway network. Irrespective of whether the goods are moving from the port out into entire world or vice versa: the port railway provides all the railway transport companies (EVU) whose freight trains have to cross the Port of Hamburg with the necessary infrastructure.

Transloading based on a minute cycle

The enormous handling and transloading quantities in the port require a genuine organisational talent. Hence a modern, IT-based operating system ensures that the entire railway operation runs with a precise cycle frequency. Operation of the port railway runs like clockwork, day and night, so that all containers reach their destinations reliably and without any loss of time.

Impressive figures

  • As modern as the port railway is, it's been going for almost 150 years. In 1866, the first track of the port railway was laid at the Sandthor Quay. Since then the railway network in the port area has been constantly expanded and modernised. Our port railway today:

    • Around 200 freight trains with more than 5000 rail cars ride our tracks daily.
  • • The annual transport volume of the port railway is some 44 million tonnes.
  • • More than 2.2 million TEUs were transported via the port railway in 2014.
  • • 30% of all goods handled in the Port of Hamburg are transported by rail.
  • • The port railway network comprises 300 km of tracks of which 110 km are electrified.
  • • More than 80 private sidings within the Port of Hamburg are connected to the port railway.

A pleasant journey with a view to the future

Travel by rail through the port is also the quickest and most environmentally friendly route for transport companies. It is not for no reason that a third of the goods handled are transported by rail. Increasing turnover figures for the Port of Hamburg show that our workload will be growing.

One of the key points of the port railway is therefore to develop itself in a sustainable way in order to match the increasing demands. This includes expansion of the railway network and modern efficient methods for controlling the goods traffic.

With this expansion, the port railway will remain a long-term advantage for the Port of Hamburg and is perfectly matched to the concept of the smartPORT.




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