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For port customers

The better all the cogs in the port operation mesh together, the more efficient is Hamburg's port. We ensure everything runs smoothly, so that everybody else can use the port's infrastructure on a daily basis in just the same smooth way.

The harbour master's office

Container ship? Sailing dingy? Elbe ferry? The main thing is to travel safely through the Port of Hamburg.
That is the task of the harbour master's office, 24/7. And the harbour master's office also represents nautical interests in other areas, for example, during planning of port construction projects.

Port railway

Around the clock, en route to the world. Every year, sending out 40 million tonnes of goods from the port onto the European railway network? No mean feat. That's what the port railway achieves – reliably, environmentally and with an eye towards even more expansion.

Port road management

For roads that have to achieve high traffic capacities: HPA's Port Road Management system is an innovative concept, designed so that the traffic should flow even more smoothly and efficiently. DIVA is the starting point.

Calls for tender

The HPA tenders out services, construction and logistics. Everything you need to know about our calls for tender and the quick and simple online awarding – at a glance
Passenger rights

Passenger rights

Following a proposal made by the Commission in December 2008 the Council and the European Parliament adopted on 24 November 2010 Regulation 1177/2010 concerning rights of passengers when travelling by sea and inland waterway.