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Bridges and locks

Clear passage over the water

The Port of Hamburg extends along the Elbe and also across the Elbe canals and various Elbe islands. Without bridges, everything would be at a standstill: a total of 133 bridges connect the Elbe islands with each other.

The HPA is responsible for the operation and maintenance of all these bridges. Also the conversion or new building of a bridge comes within our remit. Here clear passage is our long-term goal: the bridges are an important part of the port's infrastructure. By keeping them maintained and carrying out modernisation work, we ensure that the port can continue to grow.

Keeping flexible: our opening bridges

Some of our bridges have to be capable of a little bit more. These special bridges can open if required, ensuring that larger ships can pass through the Elbe unimpeded.

The various bascule, lifting and draw bridges are regularly inspected and maintained by our bridge officers.

Opening bridges in the Port of Hamburg

Do you want to find out more about our opening bridges? You can find all the details of locations and operating times here:

General terms and conditions

For use of the bridges in the Port of Hamburg area the general terms and conditions of the Hamburg Port Authority apply.

Ordinance governing traffic in the Port of Hamburg

Section 24 Passage through bridges

Opening bridges are opened upon request by the responsible authorities during the announced operating periods provided the road traffic and operating conditions permit. Outside the operating time, opening only takes place if the vessel notifies the bridge no later than half an hour before the end of the working day.



Bridges and locks

Further information about opening times

Opening bridges

Further information about opening bridges: