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Management Board

Jens Meier

​Chairman of the Management Board
 After studying computer science with a minor in economics, he started his career path at Software Design & Management AG (Ernst & Young Group), where as a member of the Management Board he was responsible for the Hamburg and Hanover subsidiaries from 1997 on.

In 2000, he became a divisional director with Systematics AG (later EDS).

From July 2002, Jens Meier was the CEO of tts Holding GmbH & Co. KG. With the sale of the tts Group to the Fiege Group, Mr Meier was invited on to the board of Fiege Holding Stiftung & Co. KG, Greven.

Jens Meier has been a Director of HPA since 1st April 2008..

Karlheinz Pröpping

Head of Development Projects 
After he completed his graduate engineer studies, Karlheinz Pröpping joined HPA as a trainee civil engineer and immediately led various in-company engineering offices. As the "Central Services" divisional head (2002-2009) he contributed positively to the transition of the company into its current corporate structure. Karlheinz Pröpping has been a member of the management board since 2008, and since 2009 he has headed the Development Projects Division. Here he is responsible for large projects such as, for example, the new Kattwyk railway bridge, the Burchardkai transport connection, westward expansion, deepening of the shipping channel and modification of the approach to the offshore terminal (CTT). 

Claudia Flecken

Port Infrastructure Director
Since 1992 the civil engineer by training has been active in various roles at the HPA that ranged from planning and implementation to cross-cutting issues.
As a member of the management board, Claudia Flecken had overall responsibility for the port’s entire infrastructure from 2008. At the end of 2012 the port infrastructure division, as part of organisational restructuring, was split into waterside port infrastructure and landside port infrastructure. Since 2013 Claudia Flecken has been in charge of the waterside port infrastructure division dealing with strategic issues such as ensuring maritime access to the port and maintaining navigable water depths.

Harald Kreft

Port Railway Director
Herald Kreft has been responsible for the fortunes of the Hamburg port railway since 2008.
The professional railway engineering specialist started his working life in the middle of the 1980s with the East German state railway. Following a degree in railway and road construction, he was employed for a long-time as a consultant.
From 2000, he was responsible as a department manager for the civil engineering of the railways and public transport company, Elbe-Weser GmbH.
Upon entering the port railway, he became a member of the HPA management board.

Tino Klemm

Director Finance and Property & Head of Human Resource Management   
Tino Klemm has been employed by the Hamburg Port Authority since 01/10/2005. He accompanied the setting up and organisation of the public law institution and was particularly responsible for questions concerning finance and accounting, and controlling.
Tino Klemm has been Director of the Accountancy, Controlling and Property Management Divisions since 01/11/2008. In 2011, he also took over responsibility for the Maritime Commercial Management Division. In November 2016 he additionally took over the responsibility for Human Resource Management and thereby exercising the employer function.

Before joining the Hamburg port management company, he worked as a manager with Flughafen Hamburg GmbH (FHG), most recently as the CEO of CSP Commercial Services Partner GmbH (a 100 percent subsidiary of FHG).

Mr Klemm has been a Member of the Management Board of the HPA since November 2008.

Dr. Sebastian Saxe

Chief Digital Officer, Chief Information Officer and Services Director
Since 1992, the doctor of mathematics has been responsible for various functions within the Hamburg management team. As manager of the state office for information technology he was intensely involved in preparations for the fusion of the IT service providers of Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg. Dr Saxe was then the technical director of the resultant communications service provider, Dataport AöR (public law institution), during the period from January 2004 until December 2008.

Dr Saxe has been a Member of the Management Board, CIO and Services Director for HPA since January 2009 and hence responsible for the Central Purchasing, Personnel and IT business units as well as for the supporting administrative functions. As CIO he is responsible for the expansion and further development of the IT environment of the HPA for the matched-to-requirements administration of the role of the HPA as a service provider for the port economy.

Jens-Erik Wegner

Director land-side Port Infrastructure
Since 1st January 2014 Jens-Erik Wegner has held responsibility for operation and maintenance of HPA’s land-side port infrastructure.
After graduating in Energy and Process Engineering he worked in national and international plant construction, first as project manager of large-scale projects, then as CEO of several subsidiaries of a major German industrial service provider both at home and abroad.
In 2001 Jens-Erik Wegner changed to the side of operations in the fields of supply and disposal and of environmental services, first as CCO and, afterwards, as CTO.
His professional career was and is characterized by the management of construction and maintenance of demanding technical facilities and systems as well as by handling with the challenges of complex change processes in the public-private sector and in the structural change of major plant construction.

Lutz Birke

Head of Corporate Management and Public Affairs
Lutz M. Birke has been employed by the Hamburg Port Authority since 2010: He started as responsible for corporate and port strategy. Since May 2015, Lutz M. Birke is leading the Department of Corporate Management and Public Affairs. His civil career started in 2005 with the Hamburg State Parliament (Senat). In 2007 he first changed to the Ministry of Urban Development and Environment, in 2008 he became head of the Minister’s office at the State Ministry of Economic and Labour Affairs. Birke is holding a degree in business administration with special focus on controlling and marketing.

Supervisory Board of the Hamburg Port Authority

The current Supervisory Board of the Hamburg Port Authority is listed here.


Organisational chart

The current organisational chart of Hamburg Port Authority