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Company Strategies

To be ready for the future – preparing for the future

The Port of Hamburg is the logistics centre for the North of Germany and as such one of the supports for economic growth.

Our job is to ensure maximum efficiency, safety and economy in all areas of the port infrastructure. The processes necessary for this are supported by optimised IT and communications technologies.
Committed and future-orientated thinking and trading are the foundation for our day-to-day work: Our aim is not only to provide the conditions for a growing port, rather to actively promote and shape this development. That is the aim of the HPA – this is where all of our efforts come together.

Many tasks, one aim

 As the responsible public law institution, we are the point of contact for all questions concerning marine and land-based infrastructure, the safety of shipping traffic, the port railway facilities, property management and the economic development of the port.

Our aim is to promote the locating of industry branches and value added logistics in the port area in order to provide a consistent, long-term increase in value creation in the Port of Hamburg.

Exploit opportunities: increase turnover

Hamburg is Europe's traditional Asia port, but also the gate to Central and Eastern Europe and of course to Scandinavia.

From this position we are seizing our opportunities to further increase port turnover. Here, its not just a question of increased trade with the growth regions, we're also part of a tight regional network. Long-term and trust-based cooperation with the European North Sea ports and ports of the inland waterways network along the lower Elbe mean we are in a very strong position for the future.

Constant quality for long-term success

The high standard of our work safeguards the long-term success and international position of the port.

This includes a tailor-made and reliable infrastructure, both marine and land-based, as well as future-orientated
transport development.

By networking together all our IT systems our information exchange is even faster and more efficient. Intermodal transport solutions mean that transloading is accelerating. Last and by no means least, is the qualified and motivated manpower that is an essential factor in the port's future success.

Transparent trading according to economic principles

 Our work represents the Port of Hamburg – which requires high standards where our trading is concerned.

Transparency is one of the most important principles of our corporate activities. We operate according to the Hamburg Corporate Governance Code (HCGC) and have, amongst other things, set up an internal corruption prevention committee, which helps us to detect bribery or the granting of unlawful advantage early on and then prevent it.

All signs point to green

 We are aware of the responsibility for our environment and our function as a role-model for the metropolitan area.

This applies both to our CO2 footprint and our sustainable management of traffic and energy. On our way to becoming a "green port" we use new technologies and innovative approaches to achieve a sustainable symbiosis of port, city and environment. The aim is a leading profile amongst international ports, and a green future.