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We are there on-site providing safety, development and smooth workflows

The range of our activities is just as great as the Port of Hamburg itself. Both on the water's surface and underwater, in road and rail systems, we are responsible for ensuring the maintenance and development of the port infrastructure throughout the port.

The Gateway to the World never sleeps

Around the clock we ensure shipping traffic flows smoothly and safely.

Alongside IT-based control of shipping traffic, we are also responsible for the operation and maintenance of bridges and locks, marine markers and radar stations. Through the taking of regular soundings by our sounding vessels, we can identify hazardous areas of shallow water and initiate corresponding measures.

The HPA is responsible for flood protection measures in the port:

Starting with regular measures to provide bank and shore protection, this also includes the provision of information and warnings by our storm surge warning service (WADI), plus our ice-breaker fleet, which prevents ice-blockages on the waterways during periods of long-lasting cold.

Full ahead for traffic development

On land too we ensure that everything runs smoothly.

In our 'Port Road Management' system we have developed an efficient traffic management concept for optimising traffic flows. The maintenance and expansion of all port roads also comes within our area of responsibility as does the port-orientated procuring and development of property and land.

Where rail traffic is concerned, Hamburg leads from the front: In Germany's largest railway port, our task is to coordinate the goods traffic safely and on time. We also ensure things run smoothly in the St. Pauli Elbe Tunnel. Here, alongside maintenance of the plant, we are also responsible for all repair and renovation work.

Our daily commitment to safety and efficiency in all these areas is our most important contribution to the future of the Port of Hamburg.