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Hamburg Port Authority

The Hamburg Port Authority will host the 29th IAPH World Ports Conference.

From 1 - 5 June 2015 the internationally most important conference regarding port industry is held in Hamburg. The one-week IAPH World Ports Conference with their technical program followed in recent years about 700 renowned representatives and decision makers in the maritime industry as well as port authorities and associations. Learn more about how to register for the conference or book your ticket now and benefit from our early-bird offer.
Hamburg Port Authority

Hamburg Port Authority

Single stop port development: Where previously various Hamburg authorities were in charge, since 2005 the Hamburg Port Authority has had sole responsibility for port management. Our path to growth and development is based on safe, efficient and economic processes.
Hamburg Port

The Port of Hamburg

This is where we are – this is what we do. The activities of the HPA cover the whole port and all its processes. Our work is as varied as the port itself.
Port Customers

For port customers

The better all the cogs in the port operation mesh together, the more efficient is Hamburg's port. We ensure everything runs smoothly, so everybody else can use the port's infrastructure daily in just the same smooth way.

Port of the future

As the largest German port and the second largest container port of Europe, the port of Hamburg is a major economic factor. The Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) is responsible for ensuring that the port works and develops further in the future. A complex task with many facets. The motto is "Port of Hamburg 2025”.


There is a lot to discover about the HPA. Our history, the latest and future plans, including concrete figures and interesting details. To find out more just visit our press area. The latest news for journalists; informative for port customers; interesting for the purely inquisitive.



Hamburg Port Authority

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HPA latest


Press release - Ernst-August Lock: Refurbishment Works completed earlier than planned


Press release - HPA completes Circular Junction Works at Roßweg; Fundamental Refurbishment of the Howaldt Bridge to start in the Spring of 2015

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